Duuh. Sorry.
So, I finished SR The third a long time ago, and now, when I feel lazy or wanna kill something - I load the game and start to run and fooling around. And one time a creepy thing happened to me. I was going somewhere from Zimos’s Car-wash and noticed WEIRD things - this stretching textures, transparent holes in the map, and other creepy stuff. There was a tunnel where textures were like a cobweb, so freaky.
And this glitch actually freaked me out, cuz I thought to myself - this is supposed to be a REAL Steelport. Not a freaking simulation. But HERE they are, the GLITCHES. Poor Boss are forever stuck in stupid matrix. (It’s Matt Miller’s evil machinations for sure)
And this idea happened. Since I have a big head-canons on what happened after SRIV… But it’s too long to explain. And yeah, ultimate ship…
Boss can handle anything. Anything that is real and could be punched. Nightmares aren’t play nice, there are no rules, sadly. So, since Boss couldn’t punch Matt in a nightmare he punched him in a reality… The moral is - stop fucking up others’s dreams with your cyber-weirdness! Matt can be really creepy sometimes. But most of the time he’s a dork, fan-boy and nerd… So, yeah…
Gotta get back to my work.

Things I love about this comic in no real order 

1. Boss showing off his well hidden insecure side 

2. The size difference between the Boss and Matt when they are in bed and how different their body types are 

3. Boss and Matt in bed together like the loving couple they are

4. Matt in a little pink t-shirt and shorts while Boss probably sleeps butt-ass naked. 

5. Matts face in every panel. he’s too cute it’s not fair. 

6. Matt completely failing to realize now was not the time to joke around

7. Boss’s death glare

8. Matt is apparently used to The Boss waking up after a nightmare since he guessed it so quickly. 

9. Everything about The Boss and Matt living together and getting on each others nerves like a old married couple.  

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